Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a Woman of 45 Ought to Know

Sounds pretty ominous. Being that this is the year I gracefully transition to being 45, I went to my bookshelves & searched for a little wisdom. I found this book, a joke gift given by a friend a few years ago. (thanks, ER!) Somehow, my mind is not at ease, after thumbing through Mrs. Emma F. Angell Drake's fine book: "Purity & Truth: Self & Sex Series: What a Woman of Forty-Five Ought to Know." 1902. Here below are some bullet highlights of the vast subjects she covers. If any of you gals out there need more details, let me know.

  • relation of early habits to later aches & ills
  • equipped for the change by the creator
  • the fear that unnerves many
  • the age at which it usually appears
  • jewish women
  • placid vs. nervous women
  • childless women
  • excesses
  • effect upon sight
  • increase of flesh
  • chilliness, dizziness
  • nature as woman's helper
  • irritability
  • fall house cleaning
  • Mr. Bok's description of English women
  • dress during this period
  • when the daughter from boarding school returns to make radical changes in the home
  • lustful indulgence
  • different kinds of husbands
  • benefits of cultivating flowers
  • removing dandruff

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