Friday, July 5, 2013

Walden Pond July 1st 2013

Natalie and Gavin
My sister says the kids had a blast during their recent visit. I admit I've been recovering, and  I missed them right away, despite the relief of returning to my familiar habits and comforts. On my birthday we went to Walden Pond and went swimming and walking. We arrived just in time, when it was relatively uncrowded, and still fairly sunny. We left just in time too, when it became more crowded, and started raining. 

     They enjoyed the swimming very much. We found a nice secluded inlet. Luckily I brought along shorts for Zach, though he said he wouldn't be swimming. I knew he would want to swim as soon as he saw the water. ( I suspect it's a self-conscious teenager thing: he wants to wear pants and a sweatshirt everywhere-- Or he's just like me)

As usual Walden Pond was somewhat magical. One of my favorite places. Sorry the pictures aren't that great.

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