Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Missing Earring Mystery

Perhaps my grandmother Gwen channeled in from the great beyond
Margaret Gwendolyn Downing
recently. If I believe in the paranormal at all, it's always been around the occasional spooky happenings regarding my grandmother, since she passed in 1997.

In June I participated in a student/ instructor exhibit over at the Eliot Street School in JP. I have taken a couple of assemblage classes there. I entered one piece that I had completed in 2011. It was of my grandparents. It was a black, painted cigar box containing letters, photos, and buttons. There was also a pink and black earring glued on the side of the box, which belonged to my grandmother. 

I gave the box to my mom as a gift, so I had to drive up to Maine to retrieve it. When I got to Maine we noticed the earring was missing. We searched frantically in all the obvious places that my mom would put it. We figured one of the kids might have broken it off. 

I submitted the box to the show anyway, without the earring.

Earring now intact
When I arrived at the exhibit, I stood looking at all the entries, including my own. Suddenly I realized, lo and behold, the earring was attached! I seriously thought I was seeing things. I began to wonder if --- having just turned 50-- I was having a huge senility brain fart. Did I find the earring and attach it, but forget?

Apparently while setting up the exhibit, the earring fell out of the box. Somehow it was inside the box, hidden away behind something. Some good Samaritan, and very observant person, glued the earring back on in its original spot!

Nan would not have it any other way.

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