Monday, April 15, 2013

Wisdom of the Weekend

I attended a Meditation Retreat this past weekend at the Garrison Institute in New York. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm sure it hasn't settled all in yet. I loved the quiet, so coming back to life has its joys and its irritations. 

It was a group for LGBT practitioners. I spent the weekend in total silence, in terms of talking. I did 'cheat' by reading, playing solitaire, and going on facebook and email. Overall I had a great time. I didn't feel lonely, though I spoke to no one. I walked 10 miles around the institute, got up at six both days, and I ate great food for three days. 

I missed my kitties, because it seems natural that when you open to the beauty of life, animals and nature are clearly part of it.

Here are some words of wisdom that I scribbled in my notebook:
5 Hindrances to Meditation
  1. Sloth and Stupor
  2. Indecision & Doubt about the validity of meditation
  3. Desire for Sense Experiences
  4. Restlessness & Anxiety 
  5. Ill Will, Hatred, or Negative Feelings
Metta Phrases
  • May all beings be safe & protected
  • May all beings be peaceful
  • May all beings live with ease & with kindness
The Four Noble Truths According to the Buddha
  • Life has suffering; no living being avoids it
  • The cause of suffering is attachment
  • There is a way to end suffering
  • It is the path of dharma
The Arrows of Pain
  • The first arrow is the actual pain
  • The second arrow is our reaction to the pain
Can you love yourself?
If you can't love yourself, can you be kind?
If you can't be kind, can you be nonjudgmental?
If you can't be nonjudgmental, then can you do no harm?
If you do harm, then can you do the least harm possible?

Life is 10.000 joys and 10,000 sorrows

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