Wednesday, April 17, 2013

FitBit Update

A few weeks ago I posted about my dismal FitBit results. As I mentioned FitBit is a nifty little device that I attach to my waist daily, or keep in my pocket. Supposedly it records my every step throughout the day. Ten thousand steps or about 5 miles is recommended per day for minimal fitness. On regular work days I average about 4,000 steps. Clearly I've got to get my butt moving a bit more than that. I suppose most people (my age) need to. Indeed I am still far overweight from where I'd like to be, and my BMI is skyrocketing. However the FitBit has made me at least conscious of my shortcomings, so I've made modest improvements. 

This week it is my grand scheme to meet or exceed the 70,000 steps or 35 miles per week that FitBit suggests is the minimum one should walk. Minimum I say. I think that barring a twisted ankle, goddess forbid, I will make it. (With the recent Boston Marathon bombing in mind, I am grateful to even have the limbs and vitality to walk 35 miles). Of course I'm off this week so it might be easier to take the time. Here are my stats so far. 
Week of April 7- 13 
 52217 steps taken    
75% of goal of 70,000 
90 floors climbed 
129% of goal of 70 
23.82 miles traveled 
68% of goal of 35.00 

Almost made it this week! 
April 14-20
55092 steps taken 
79% of goal of 70,000 
79 floors climbed 
113% of goal of 70 
25.13 miles traveled 
72% of goal of 35.00 

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