Sunday, March 17, 2013

They came, they saw, they conquered Part 2

Two years ago my nephews Gavin and Zach came to stay for the weekend. I took this photograph at the time with the caption on Facebook: "They came, they saw, they conquered, then their father came and picked them up." 

This weekend was a similar scene, as they arrived, they saw, and they quickly overtook my condo once again. I have been finding a path of destruction around my apartment since they left. My kitties have been sufficiently terrified, my i pad has Minecraft on it, there are crumbs and candy wrappers all about, dirt marks on the kitchen floor, and my toilet seat was in the most unfamiliar up position this morning. 

Last night we went to see Blue Man Group, and rode the subway, which they both loved. We also visited Harvard Sq., and Newbury Comics, and for breakfast/brunch they had McDonald's cheeseburgers, french fries, and shamrock shakes. Last night we watched "The Breakfast Club" until almost midnight. It was a banner weekend.

They are looking cooler these days, and less boyish, eh?

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