Sunday, January 27, 2013

Giant Squid Finally Caught on Film

I read a fantastic article on Longform some time ago, about a man in New Zealand, Steve O'Shea, who is obsessed with the pursuit of the giant squid. I wonder how he feels now, that others have finally 'caught' the giant squid. I think his mission was to raise baby giant squids in captivity, so perhaps his mission is not over. Of course capturing the giant squid on video is not being able to study it closely. Scientists have studied carcasses of giant squid, but can't get close to the live animal. 

Of course the giant squid is responsible for many a myth making over the centuries. Encounters between the giant squid and fishermen throughout the ages have led to exaggerated stories, or perhaps not so exaggerated stories. The giant squid can be as large as 60 feet long, and it's tentacles are apparently quite strong. To see the elusive beast in action, is quite thrilling. Deep sea explorer Edith Widder and her colleagues are the folks who captured the giant squid on film, off the coast of Japan.

Click here for more footage.This creature is so beautiful.

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