Sunday, December 16, 2012

DNA Ancestry Results

Hordaland traditional dress- my grandfather was born in 
this area, but knowing him, never wore these knickers
Here are the results I received from about my DNA testing. The amount of information given is somewhat disappointing, but the results are also surprising. I am more genetically Scandinavian than I thought. According to my understanding, I should be 25% Norwegian, but here I am 51% Norwegian. It occurred to me that Ancestry did not do a genetic analysis at all, but just went by the % of the family tree I submitted. I certainly have been able to trace more of my Scandinavian ancestors than my other ancestors, so is that why I'm 51% Norwegian? Hopefully it was a true analysis of my sample. I am Norwegian, Irish, and English.

My g-grandmother was born in Rathkeale, Limerick Ireland
Fortingbridge, England -where the ggg grandfather Pinhorn came from
Of course now I want more information, so I've ordered a DNA kit from National Geographic too. Hopefully this analysis will prove to be a bit more illuminating. For example, what is the 5% unknown?  

Places where ancestors were born: 
Canada 38%
Norway 35% 
England 14% 
USA 9% 
Other 4%
Area of Norway where most of my ancestors lived, 
particularly Lindas

Genetic Ethnicity

  • Scandinavian
  • British Isles
  • Uncertain

    My Dale ancestors emigrated from Cornwell, England

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