Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Odd Collections

I know that in the big scheme of things, I hardly have any odd collections, nor do I have any extensive collections. Space and my mother's practical voice speaking in the back of my head prevent me from going hog wild. I would like to collect hoards of victor Victrolas, teapots, antique phones, watches, salt and pepper shakers, old cameras, to name a few. But thank goddess I do not have an attic, or a barn, or a huge basement at my disposal. 

I browse Ebay and Etsy with a dreamy look on my face, but I deter myself mostly. Small collections, carefully chosen and packed away, have made the cut. I have already featured my black cat collection, and my various book collections. 

Here are a couple of my other small collections---cuff links, pez dispensers, and card holders. These items can easily be shoved away in a drawer, or contained on a shelf for display. 

I know these collections are not great in number, or very unique. These items won't get me featured in the World Book of Records, or the blog of weird collections, but they provide some small relief to the hoarding itch.

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