Friday, October 12, 2012

Recent Acquisitions in the Museum of the Baronesque

It's 20 before Mona
Recent acquisitions in the Museum of the Baronesque

 Despite, or perhaps because of my recent purging in August, I've been on a collecting spree. Soon I'll be sick of it, or start buying oddities for others instead. Still, I'm proud to display my recent unique additions to the household. The kitties hopefully won't knock over any precious items.
Liquor cabinet?-- made by grandfather

bikini lady glasses-ou la la

Doggie peeing salt and pepper shaker!

Alice in Wonderland Demitasse cup-
How queer everything is today!

JUICE! Obviously

Naked Lady Mug

Mustache Mugs!From Etsy!

Nifty Mini Notebook

Witchy Shoes

Girly Eiffel Tower Bank

Mona Lisa Mugs

More demitasse cups- time for a party

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