Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why I Would Never Vote Republican

Last week my father and I faced a horde of arch Republicans at a family barbeque, and had to defend President Obama and our Democratic and 'liberal' views. I said to the women we were debating that I would never vote Republican. One woman responded that I was narrow-minded, and not open to debate. Well, in 1980 I voted for Ronald Reagan, and I voted for Governor Weld in Massachusetts. In the past, I have voted Republican, but times have changed. Today, I see no choice.

1. The Republican Party platform is one of exclusion. The Republican Party seeks to exclude minorities, gays, women, and immigrants by legislating restrictions on these people. 

2. As a gay woman, I wouldn't vote Republican because the current folks running for office are against my basic civil rights. 

3. The Republican Party is pro-military and pro-war, and we already spend millions and millions on the military and war. 

4. I find it hypocritical to stand against 'big government' running our lives, and then expect legislation to force women to make choices about their own bodies, and healthcare decisions. I can't think how a government can be any more intrusive.

5. The Republican Party today is dangerously close to mixing religion with government. The separation of church and state is crucial to American principles. Christianity is one religion in this country, not the religion. Freedom of religion means no domination or supremacy of one religion over others.

6. When the Republicans talk about 'big government,' they're talking about reducing or cutting varied social services. While I agree in reform and fiscal responsibility, eliminating social service programs ultimately hurts people. College loans, access to healthcare, pre-school programs, social security, and community clinics help people. I can't believe the richest country in the world can't provide basic services to its citizens.

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