Thursday, August 16, 2012

The World From a Cat's Perspective

No problem for a feline like me!
Get out of my way, pooch!
Meow! Come here often?
Recently researchers from the University of Georgia and National Geographic teamed up to study domestic cats and their effect on the environment. Using a 'kitty cam' the researchers followed sixty outdoor cats in the Athens, Georgia area for a week. The researchers found that 44% of the cats hunted while they were out roaming, and 30% were successful. Cats also took many risks like crossing streets and entering storm drains. Surprisingly, cats caught lizards and earthworms, and although they stalked birds, they did not catch them as frequently as humans would imagine. Some cats also 'two timed' their owners, entering other homes for food and affection. When cats caught prey, 23% percent of them would drag home the carcass for display. Experts think cats do this to show off their prowess, and perhaps to teach humans to hunt. 

The researchers advocate keeping domestic cats indoors, as it is safer for the cat. Felines are also clearly responsible for a great deal of murder and mayhem in the neighborhood.  Some of the 'kitty cam' footage was graphic.

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