Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Olde Boy Tells Off Mitt

Here's an interview between Romney and a Vietnam veteran in New Hampshire. After Romney's win in Iowa last night, I want to be reminded of what 'the former governor' truly stands for. (( How did this man get elected governor of Massachusetts???))

When Romney first sits down, he clearly thinks he's talking to a like-minded 'good olde boy' ---Christian, conservative, and Republican. Turns out the good olde boy in the dirty cap and lumberjack shirt is indeed a tough-minded Yankee, but he's a GAY man too. 

I think the best part is the end, when the man sounds off after Romney leaves. If my father were gay, that's what he'd say, and that's how he'd say it. 

I'm so sick of that argument: Marriage is between a man and a women. (((Ha. Ha. I typed 'women' instead of 'woman.' I think I won't edit it, as it seems approprie)))

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