Sunday, September 4, 2011

How High Is Your Bookstack?

How high is your bookstack? Well, that's a rather personal question. ;)

Turns out mine is slightly shorter than a giraffe. 

LibraryThing is always devising nifty gadgets, widgets, and stats about books. The latest meme that caught my eye is: How high is your bookstack? This library thing application actually calculates the thickness of all my books, then tells me what the height would be if I stacked all the books in a pile. 

(Apparently this is something bibliophiles spend time thinking about)

I was disappointed at first, thinking: "My stack  has to be higher than that!" Then I remembered I haven't cataloged all my books yet, only a mere 175! The giraffe is just the beginning. 

It certainly gives me incentive to catalog the rest of my library. How high will I go? The Empire State Building?

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