Monday, July 18, 2011

Walking and Hiking

     Since I have to get into shape for my fundraising hike in October at Zion, I've been making a conscious effort to increase my exercise. On Friday I went camping in Western Massachusetts near Savoy Mountain. On Saturday Jennifer and I did an 8 mile hike with the boys. We began at the summit of Mt. Greylock then hiked down the Hopper Trail to Stonyledge Overlook. Then we hiked up the Hopper trail, with a diversion to see a waterfall, then back on the Hopper trail, which we actually ended up losing. We ended up on the main road for awhile, but eventually got back into the woods. Overall it was a challenging yet very nice hike.

     Today Jennifer and I completed another walk. We walked about 4.2 miles, from one end of the Arboretum to the other. It's a very lovely walk, even with the humidity.

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