Monday, July 27, 2009

Tattoo You

So, I'm going to get a tattoo, and I'm bandying about different designs. I'd like people's opinions, though of course it's ultimately up to me. What a ya think?
1. Celtic Tree of Life 1------------------------------2.Celtic Tree of Life 2

3. Buddhist Knot 1---------------------------------4.Buddhist Knot 2

5. Buddhist Darma Wheel----------------------------6. Buddha's Eyes

7. Egyptian Eye 1---------------------------------8. Egyptian Eye 2

9. Egyptian Eyes/ Ankh Symbol


Anonymous said...

I like all of the wheels, I'd consider where you want to put it and the shape and whether or not you want it to appear closed and contained as a shape or open. Any good tattoo artist can help you with this. Also they can modify one to your liking if you are not totally happy with one. I personally recommend, allowing the artist some creative license. They are the experts and can generally make what you want better than you can.... Unless of course you are very certain about the specific image you want. Just my two cents.

Kim said...

Hey Carolyn, all good options! I love both the Celtic and Buddhist symbols - you've given me some ideas for my next one down the road (not anytime soon!).

:-) Kim

Captain Kulig said...

I have wanted a tattoo for years!! Let's get some! I'm designing my own and can help you with yours if you want...I'll check the blog and give my vote...
Where are you going to have it done?

I like either of the celtic trees...

call me or let me know...