Monday, March 9, 2009

White Mountains, New Hampshire

I had a great two days in the Bretton Woods area of New Hampshire this weekend. Eighteen of us rented a condo. On Saturday I went x-country skiing at the Nordic Center. We mostly traveled on green (easier) trails, and then traveled some on blue (moderate) trails. Considering we probably skied 4 plus miles, I did okay, though I fell a lot. Here's a clip of me mastering a small hill, very slowly and without falling on my butt.

On day two I went snowshoeing on Willard Mountain. The elevation was 2,800, but the climb was about a thousand feet. We experienced a very beautiful trail, through pine trees, along ridges, and across streams. As we climbed, the sun came out, and the air was very warm. At one point we got very wet because it was 'raining' icicles off the trees. At the top of the mountain, we ate lunch, and shared our bread with some Canadian Jays. They were very gorgeous birds, and landed on our hands to feed. The view was of the mountains surrounding Crawford Notch.

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