Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What You Do Learn in School

Contrary to popular belief, kids do learn some facts in school. Every once in awhile, apart from my usual subject study, some world knowledge fact comes up in class and is verified. Today, a boy asked, 'what is the biggest animal that's ever lived?'

I knew the blue whale was the largest animal
now living. But I didn't know that the blue whale is also the largest creature that's EVER inhabited earth! (*no dinosaur fossil has yet reached the size of the blue whale) How amazing that we now share the earth with the largest living creature ever!

Blue whales can grow to be up to 110 feet in length! And they mostly diet on krill--- tons and tons of it. Recently the blue whale population has made a modest comeback (4,500 globe-wide). In the 19th and 20th centuries, 99% of the blue whale population was killed during whaling. Originally there were thought to be 200,000 blue whales on earth. We still have to continue to protect this gorgeous creature!

Listen to the blue whale song!


Anonymous said...

Still the champ after all these years! Screw you, Brachiosauras!


Captain Kulig said...

Yes...save those whales! Love them...
I wonder how many are alive today?