Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wanting Stuff

We all want/ need stuff, usually. Sometimes I feel guilty that I WANT so many things. I'm sure many of these things I do not REALLY need.

Still, we
all have our lists of desired items.

The funny part is, there are just as many objects and gadgets that I DON'T WANT. I thought of this one day around Christmastime when I got a flier in the mail with automotive stuff on sale. I thought: "I hope no one in my family buys me any of this stuff." It further amazed me that ANYONE would want these items, since
I found them so unappealing.

Below are some things I definitely want/ need, and would be delighted to acquire. Also included are some items, that, even if I won them in a contest, and they were worth money, I still would not want! What a relief!
As they say, "One person's junk is another person's treasure."

Civil war reenactor pants -------------book about the caucasian mummies found in China
purple bike helmet, obviously desirable


a rachet set. not even sure what it's for.------beer-making kit. no thanks
okay, wouldn't get caught dead in this.....

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