Saturday, June 7, 2008

On the Farm, Part 2

Le Crew

In celebration of our friend M.M.'s 40th birthday, (the one in pink) a group of us volunteered at the Food Project in Lincoln this morning. I had just visited the Food Project in May. We planted an acre of butternut squash, then weeded around some onion sprouts. The sun was hot, but it was such a beautiful day. Unfortunately I did not fare too well in the heat and had to sit out a bit, feeling faint & queasy. Everyone joked that my hearty peasant stock ancestors would be very disappointed with my performance.

Afterwards we had a delicious lunch (courtesy of R.T.) under a canopy, and some good conversation. Some of us finished the afternoon by a swim in Walden Pond! (Thoreau would be happy the Food Project's right down the street from the pond!) I went in, jeans and all.

Later I dropped off to visit my parents in Medford, and watched some baseball. My only regret of the day was high gas prices, and the fact that I haven't ridden my scooter in four days..... Later I realized I probably could have ridden my scooter to Lincoln. Drat!

Molly & El start us out

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Captain Kulig said...

Happy birthday Melissa! The 40's are great...
While you were all sweltering at the farm I was working in the A/C at the hospital...wish I was out with you all yesterday!
Hope to see everyone soon,