Monday, June 9, 2008

More Fun on the Field

Boy, did we ever have fun last night playing our second softball game!!!! We had a doubleheader. The first game began at 5 pm and it was still pretty hot. We won that game, drinking copious amounts of water throughout, and eating popsicles and watermelon. Our second game, beginning at 6:30, was against a team of alpha females. They--- the MasterBatters--- are new to our league, and none of us had ever seen them before.

Well, they took our breath away when we quickly realized not one of them was over 32, they were all were athletic & trim, many were tall, and a few were ex-college softball champs. (Many of them were kind of good-looking too)
One person on SLAM commented, "Aren't any of them fat and old?"

This 'eye candy' opportunity did not take our pain away completely. We're were likely to get creamed by the alpha females. Not only were many of our team members
20 years older than our opponents, but college or high school softball was a distant memory (or never occurred, as in my case). And it was 93 degrees out and this was our second game.

For the first several innings, things went pretty much as expected. I think the score was 11 to 1, in the MasterBatters' favor. We were making some errors on the field, and our hits weren't scoring. The alpha gals were used to creaming most teams in our league, and expected the 'slaughter rule' to apply. ((In softball, if one team is 12 or more points ahead of the other team after 4 1/2 or 5 innings, the game ends.)) After the 4th inning, the alpha girls took out their star pitcher, and put in substitute players. Some of their players even left and went home!!!!

They expected we were doomed.

Then our coach said, "Come on SLAM. We've never had a game with only one run." This comment must have risen the sweaty hair on the back of each Slammer's neck. Damn it! These 20 somethings can beat us, but THEY AIN'T GONNA CREAM US!

For the next two innings, we scored
13 runs. The alpha females began sweating profusely, and getting pissy with each other. They actually had a huddle on the mound, and brought back in their starting pitcher. Some of them had bloopers on the field. Each one of us stepped up to the plate and hit the ball. I'm proud to say I scored 3 R.B.I.'s against the young-ins myself. The final score was 18-14. We almost got them!!! Tee hee!

B starting us out

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Anonymous said...

a thrilling account! George Foreman would be proud of you.