Friday, November 16, 2007

The Somerville Theater

In the late 1930's, during the Depression and the eve of World War II, my grandmother was no fool. Every week she went down to the Somerville Theater for a well deserved break, and the chance to procure some free goods.
Back in those days, the
Historic Somerville Theater gave away free flatware, dishes, & other gifts to lure women to the movies. Each week a movie-goer would get one piece of a set. All my grandmother had to do was sit back & watch all the current Hollywood musicals and fancy-free romances, & the occasional disturbing newsreel of the war. She didn't mind.

Perhaps my grandfather did. Family lore has it that my grandfather, saddled with the 3 screaming children, came marching down to the theater, searching for "Gwenie" among the women in the aisle. He announced flatly, "The baby won't stop crying." Dutifully, my grandmother rose up from her seat, & walked back to our house, probably missing some tantalizing & critical flatware addition that evening.
Original Ad, circa 1930's:

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