Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Human Development Index

Why are those Swedes, Norwegians, & Icelanders so happy?
We were just discussing governments on Thanksgiving--my brother-in-law, Dad, sister, & I-- and its effects on people. Capitalism? Communism? Libertarianism? Democracy? Socialism? Which is best?
I brought up the point that year after year the various Socialist Democracies--- Norway, Holland, Sweden, Canada--rank high on citizens' happiness indexes.
Sure enough, this morning I spied an article reporting that Iceland is the world's happiest country in 2007. After six straight years, Iceland beat out Norway on the Human Development Index for the top numero uno country to live.

It seems kind of amusing. How can a barren slab in the middle of the ocean, just south of the Arctic Circle, house the world's happiest humans? Icelanders eat ram scrota, seal's flippers, and something called "bloomor" (blood pudding) regularly.They practically live on top of a volcano. And it's awfully dark there most of the year, isn't it? (this pretty much describes Norway too)

Nevertheless, for the past 27 years, the Scandinavian countries, and/or other Socialist Democratic countries have dominated the top 15 countries for happiness. The index measures standard of living, literacy rates, life expectancy, child welfare, education level, & other factors.

By the way, the United States ranks 12th in the latest statistics, down from 8th.

oh, yeah, they have natural hot springs and good looking
ladies in Iceland.

that might bring up their ranking....

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