Monday, August 20, 2007

Never the Two Shall Meet?

Friday night I had an amusing experience. I was motoring on my scoot late at night. Behind me I heard the distinctive, guttural chug of at least two Harleys. I thought: "Oh, here we go. Feeling stupid on my scoot (a.k.a. blender on wheels) with these two mega-power boats on wheels coming up behind me."

We came to a stop light.

Usually a Harley motorcyclist will barrel around me at first opportunity. My boys pulled up beside me--- old guys with big bellies, white long hair & beards, leather vests, leather chaps, tattoos, giant side compartments, studs, .............& a blasting radio......
The song playing was:

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the author said...

Ugh! Stop! Please make it stop! I beg of you!