Sunday, August 19, 2007

Elvis Lives!

Thirty years ago this past week, Elvis died. For some reason, I remember that hot August day in 1977 fairly well. I think it was a Wednesday. The reasons I remember the day have little to do with being an Elvis fan. I just remember hearing about his death on the news. More importantly, I remember that day because I had a rendezvous of sorts with a teenage crush.

At 14, I spent most of my August days lazing about dreaming, riding my bike, hanging out with friends, and listening to the radio. Elvis' anniversary brings up some nostalgic memories.

Last night I was watching "Pulp Fiction." At one point Uma Thurman asks John Travolta if he's "an Elvis man or a Beatles man." Clearly John's character in "Pulp Fiction" is an Elvis man locked in time.
If I had to choose..... I'd be a Beatles woman. Still, I appreciate Elvis Presley as an icon of American culture. Here's "Don't Be Cruel," 1956. Enjoy!

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