Sunday, January 22, 2006

Buddhism, pt. 2

25 More Reasons to Embrace Buddhism/ Meditation

Just in case you thought I forgot, I'm back with 25 more reasons to embrace meditation/Buddhism.
26. To be at one with life
27. To develop self-confidence
28. To develop inner strength
29. To appreciate more
30. To be in the moment
31. To get closer to nature
32. To learn to self-nurture
33. To let go of the past
34. To become more spiritual
35. To reduce anxiety
36. To communicate better
37. To develop body awareness
38. To improve my yoga practice
39. To improve general health
40. To become more secure with myself
41. To 'need' less
42. To balance energy flow
43. To meet like-minded people
44. To be part of a community
45. To find a way
46. To get connected
47. To teach others
48. To develop a healthy routine
49. To improve my posture
50. To discover what is within

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