Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Whale Watch Off Cape Ann

     Took the kids on a whale watch last week off Cape Ann, Massachusetts. We had a long boat trip- six hours. I wish I had brought my books and writing material. Why did I not anticipate down time? I did bring water, snacks, and sandwiches, which the kids scoffed up like vultures.

The Salty Seafarers
     After two hours at sea we observed a wonderful display of humpbacks, many pairings of two and groups of four. In the distance we saw some fin slapping and breaching. It was awesome. Of course these creatures are nothing but awesome and splendid. I think the kids enjoyed it, and hopefully will be up for another whale watch in the future. I'd like to arrange a trip off the Maine coast at some point. 

     We also experienced 'whale breath,' which is emitted from the blowhole. A literally death-like bacteria smell that will take your breath away and turn your stomach.
      I learned a few tidbits that I did not know before the trip. The educators on board were grand. All young women enthused about whales and nature. 

1. Humpbacks go to the Caribbean in the winter, but do not feed at all during that time. They live off that blubber ya all.
2. Humpbacks can live 50 to 70 years. 
3. Humpbacks will hang out together in pairs called 'associations.' These associations may last days or months. 
4. Humpback females appear to be fertile way past middle age, not like humans. You go girl. 

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