Sunday, May 5, 2013

Somerville Open Studios

Good looking bunch
Apparently Somerville Open Studios is the largest open studios event in the country, in terms of artists displaying their work, and attendees. In the past I've wandered around Vernon Street and the Washington Street Studios, but this year I only went to see a couple of friends. 

Steph and Jonathan both had their work displayed over at the Joy Street Studios. I've never been over there. For Steph, it was her virginal debut. (I don't know if she'll embrace that adjective) She had some drawings and Jonathan had some paintings and multimedia shadow boxes.
Steph's opining a thing or two
Anyway, on Saturday a few other friends came by. Jonathan took some photos. Today I saw Rosalie, Ellyn, and Jen.

JD's work
Steph's work


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the publicity, honey. It was a good time. That second picture of me though, has ruined my evening. Jonathan

the baron said...

sorry. I took it out.