Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

Yes, you did it. You are guilty
If you want to have a bit of linguistic amusement, check out the vocabulary associated with groups of animals. Some words are just downright funny, and the visuals are priceless. How would you like to face a parliament of owls? How about a mob of emus? Now that's a bad day.....

1.   A gaggle of geese
2.   A congregation of alligators
3.   A sloth of bears
4.   A clowder of cats
Are emus aggressive, or is that ostriches?
5.   A coalition of cheetahs
6.   A rout of coyotes
7.   A murder of crows
8.   A mob of emus
9.   A siege of herons
10. A cackle of hyenas
11. A prowl of leopards
12. A parliament of owls
13. A muster of peafowls
14. A rookery of penguins
15. A nursery of raccoons
16. A harem of seals

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