Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blast From the Past

This evening I got together with my second cousin Nancy for dinner, who I probably haven't seen for 20 years. She needed some professional advice regarding her son. I met her two children McKenzie and Michael, and they were delightfully entertaining.

As children Nancy and I spent a fair amount of time together. We are about the same age. Nancy and her sister Paula lived in Everett, and my sisters and I would visit their house in Everett and they'd visit our house in Somerville. Our moms-- Judy and Pat--were not only first cousins but were and still are good friends.

I told Nancy our moms were both born on the same street in Chelsea, only months apart. She didn't know this family history tidbit. Out of all my mom's cousins, she was always closest to Pat.

Nancy now lives in Peabody, and Paula lives in
Las Vegas. If I go out to the Southwest this February, I'd like to see Paula.

It was really great to see Nancy. I was a little nervous, but it seemed like old times right away. She gave me this picture. Here we all are on June 3, 1973. From left is Paula, me (age 10), Nancy, (a neighbor on Nancy's lap), my sisters Janet and Jennifer.

Hopefully we'll keep our promise to keep in touch and get together for a BBQ in the spring.

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