Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little League

Here are a couple of clips of my nephew playing baseball. I went up to Windham, ME yesterday to watch him play. The first clip is long, but I think it captures the day. I never realized how devoted an auntie you must be to watch little league. Needless to say, not much by way of hitting or fielding occurs throughout most of the game. These are little boys, indeed, attempting to play a rather complex game.

They are darling, though. Many funny events occurred, like the boy who yelled to his teammate: "Well, don't swing at everything!" Another boy was wearing a cup so large it looked like he had a Roman shield in his pants. A boy at third simply screamed when a pop up fly came towards him.

Watch my nephew Zack on first base showing off for his aunties. My sister and I offer much amusing banter in the background peanut gallery as we are watching. As you can tell, my sister is rather down on baseball, though she's willing to watch her nephew. Later, in the second video, Zack hits a single.

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