Monday, October 6, 2008

The Famous 1862 Battle Seige at Uxbridge, Mass.

Well, not exactly, as there weren't any Civil War battles fought in Massachusetts, but there was a reenactment this weekend. I did not participate, but was a spectator. I enjoyed standing in the audience and listening to people confuse the Civil War with the Revolutionary War. Still, it was interesting to get another perspective, and to not have the taste of gunpowder in my mouth, or to have briars stuck on my butt.

By the way, Lee and Grant were there to orchestrate the battle of 200 soldiers. I know. Critics may find reenactments grossly inaccurate. But overall living history does get the public interested. This past July at the reenactment of Gettysburg, there were 14, 000 soldiers and 70,000 spectators! Reeving up interest in American history also helps us to save the precious remaining Civil War battle sites from development.

The Blues marching off for battle, my unit among them, after getting primed. Everybody has to clear their rifle. At large reenactments, people have gotten killed with bullets and projectiles left in rifle barrels. The gunpowder charge alone can injure or kill too.

The battle. Unfortunately, my camera's battery died, so it ain't so exciting. But you can hear
a little kid in the background. very cute.

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