Saturday, September 27, 2008


The Brownie Reflex Synchro Model (1941-52)
I went antiquing again today with my sister and her friend Shari in Maine. We actually brought along one of the kids (the 8 year old) with us, and he behaved well and enjoyed himself (for the most part). He made some funny comments such as: "28 bucks for that?"

Despite rain, wind, puddles, and mud, three different antique shops were scoured from top to bottom. We were 3 women on a mission, not to be thwarted. Shari bought a spinning wheel for 35 dollars, (apparently quite a buy) and Jan got a desk and some candle holders. Since she lives in a farm house built in 1860 or so, antiques look
fantastic in her kitchen and den (the oldest part of the house). I got a view-master (bake-lite), a brownie camera, and binoculars. These items look good on my numerous bookshelves.
Complete with box

Sawyer's Black Bake-lite View-Master, late 40's, with box & Manual. Reels include Acadia National Park, Maine Seacoast, Franconia Notch, & Old Covered Bridges of New England.
Vintage Binoculars, unknown make. I found another similar style binoculars made in the 1940's.

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antiquing with the baron...this is a secret romantic fantasy of mine. Why can't it be me? Why? Why? Why???