Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Wilds of West Medford

Don't for a minute think that you have to scout the frozen tundra in Alaska, or prowl the grasslands in Africa to find a rare, wild, species!

Right here in the wilds of West Medford, my friend LT donned her crocodile dundee outfit, took her binoculars, camera, and Nalgene water bottle (filled with strawberry vitamin water), and bravely approached this creature.
She was able to snap this photograph as the wild animal was distracted by ripping an acorn to shreds!!! Crikey!!
Click on the photo to view this creature more closely...


the author said...

Is that a black squirrel? There are some black squirrels around here.

the baron said...

yes, it is

Laura said...

That black squirrel would make a fine dinner... for this West Medford local!

Bonus points if you can guess which West Medford landmark its sitting on.