Monday, September 3, 2012

Rolling in the Deep

Back in late August our fearless travelers the Baron and Kuligula set off for a cruise to Bermuda. On the second day on land, they tried out a helmet dive. This kind of dive was not scuba diving. Instead you submerged yourself into a beautiful 30 feet reef and walked or crawled around with a 40 pound helmet on your head. The water was like bath water it was so warm, and the bottom of the ocean was a gorgeous white sand, clear of rocks and seaweed. Although I had sharks and stingrays in the back of my mind, nothing came into my view that was alarming. My favorite critter was the angelfish. We did not get to see the puffer fish, which I guess is kind of cool. Our fearless travelers got to touch and observe various tropical life forms. Along with this bizarre trip came these equally bizarre and amusing photos of our fearless travelers in gear and under the water. With those gigantic helmets, we hardly look cool. (Please note that facial features are grossly magnified).

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