Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anne Frank

There isn't a young girl on the planet that hasn't been profoundly moved by Anne Frank's diary, once she's read it. I remember reading it as an adolescent, but I haven't read it since. I'm afraid if I read the diary again I can't experience that innocence and heavy heart that can only be felt at that time in life.

Second to the bible, Anne Frank's diary is the most translated document in history. When I went to Anne
Frank's hiding place in Amsterdam, I was amazed at all the translated versions of her story, which the museum had on hand.

I hate that her father originally censored parts of her diary, deeming them improper. Just like an authoritative middle-aged man to squelch out a young woman's budding sexuality. At the same time, kudos to Otto for recognizing the miracle of his daughter's words, and sharing them with the world. Fortunately the full version of her diary is now available.

Anne Frank beat out Hilter's "Mein Kampf" by millions of copies. What utter irony. Who wants to listen to the rants and ravings of that old black heart? The man that murdered her. What a contrast between beauty and evil--- Anne Frank and Hilter.

Some moving pictures of Anne Frank have been released on the internet. Would she ever dream these images of her would be available worldwide in such a format, 60 years later? I think she would have been delighted.

I have seen these images before. Anne is up on the balcony watching a neighbor's wedding, a year or so before her family is forced into hiding. In the film, you catch a little of her spirited personality.
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