Friday, September 28, 2007


My friend LT recently hiked in Dogtown, Gloucester, MA. She offers a brief history below, and several photographs. Especially interesting in Dogtown are the boulders carved with sayings of the Puritan bend. So New England.... Undoubtedly if you follow these principles you can't go wrong leading a decent life....

"Dogtown is a "ghost town" up in Gloucester Massachusetts. It offers a nice 2 hour easy hike in the woods... According to Wikipedia, Dogtown was "settled, beginning in 1693, because its inland location afforded protection from pirates and from enemy navies... after the conclusion of the War of 1812 and its attendant risk of coastal bombardment, most farmers moved away from Dogtown... Many of the widows of sea-goers and soldiers who never returned kept dogs for protection and company. As these last inhabitants died their pets became feral and wild, roaming the moors and howling, thus the name "DOGTOWN" was born.

The Babson Boulders at Dogtown are a "must see" - the legacy of Roger Babson who commissioned unemployed stonecutters during the Great Depression." LT

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